Sunday, 7 August 2011

Tea with a fussy baby

Saturday, Charlotte and I spent most of the day running two errands, neither of which we were very happy about.  The first was to get Charlotte's tuberculosis vaccine, which required a bus ride to Streatham (pronounced /STRAT-um/, natch).  Unfortunately, Charlotte couldn't get the jab yesterday and has to go back another time.  The second was to return to the Apple Store to get another replacement phone.  It turns out the Apple Store isn't much fun if you're not going to buy anything.

When we finally returned home, Charlotte and I both took a nap.  After, it was time for a late tea.  Charlotte was not in a very good mood when she woke up, despite sleeping for two hours:

A banana was met with something between apathy and mild disgust.  


A rice cake improved her mood dramatically:


And by the time we attempted banana for the second time, she was happy enough to consider sharing her teatime snack:


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