Tuesday, 2 August 2011

In Rehearsal

I went to bed on the early side last night and woke up feeling great!  The key to adjusting to time change for me is to stay up until I can go to bed at a normal hour.  It worked like a charm!

Today I am rehearsing with the continuo section  (the bass line and chords of a figured bass line):  viola da gamba, theorbo and harpsichord.

Here is Andrew on the gamba:

John M and John A on harpsichord and theorbo:

Here is another shot of the theorbo.  It is a beautiful instrument (especially this particular one, which has a louder sound than most theorbos I've heard):

And the three guys together:

The two baroque violinists arrive tomorrow, so we are trying to give everything a good run through before they join the group.  Aside from more rehearsing, tomorrow should also bring at trip in Camden.  We will also be taking a trip on the Appledore later this week (John M.'s dad is the captain).  It will be nice to get to enjoy a little bit of this beautiful state while we're here!

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