Monday, 1 August 2011

Bon voyage, maman (et ma chère)!

As Bethie wrote earlier, she left today for a series of concerts on the East Coast (the one in the States, that is).  She's performing with five other incredible musicians, and the shows promise to be really great.  If you're anywhere between Boston and Baltimore, (or in Maine), I highly recommend you check them out.  The site is

Bethie will be away for almost two weeks.  Her trip is a series of firsts for our family: it's the first time any of us has left Greater London since we arrived here more than four months ago, and it's the longest Bethie and I have been apart since we met (nearing ten years now...).

More importantly, though, it's the first time Bethie has been away from Charlotte for more than a few hours.

I am so very proud of Bethie's fantastic career, and in due time I know Charlotte will be proud that her mum pursues her work and talents with such vigour.  That said, we will both miss her terribly and count the days until she is back home.

So I hope that you all will indulge the three of us if we occupy  the blog over the next couple of weeks with our attempts to keep in touch with one Bethie mentioned, I can promise more (!) photos of Charlotte at the park...also her first trip to an Apple Store and a couple of immunisations...and we think she's days or weeks away from producing a couple of incisors and maybe giving quadrupedal locomotion a shot...should be a great time!

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