Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Holiday with Charlie

I'm taking a couple of days' holiday this week while Bethie is away so that Charlie and I can spend some time together.  Today is the first of those days, and we have an exciting day of really ordinary-sounding things planned; but because (1) I'm excited to have a mid-week day away from the office, and (2) I'm excited to be with Charlie all day, I think this will be a really good one.

We're starting out with some coffee and breast milk, listening to the radio news (Radio 4 in the morning is pretty equivalent to NPR ... the segment on right now is about a movie concerning Uday Hussein's body double, QED), and gumming some wooden blocks.  Charlie has one of my favourite outfits on right now: a one-piece thing with a drawing of a whale, reading "GRAND AMI".

I expect our next events to be breakfast for me and a nap for Charlotte, followed immediately by a bus ride to Oxford Street.  If I can sort out how, I'm going to try to post while we're out and about today...a Milton's Manor first!

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  1. I love the pictures! The second one especially!


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