Wednesday, 17 August 2011

The British Museum (and a little rant about mummies)

Yesterday mom, Charlie and I took a bus up to the British Museum.  Mom had expressed interest in seeing some museums and I hadn't been to the British Museum for nearly ten years.

First, we went to get some food.  Charlie has been much better about eating her purees, but still loves eating her rice cakes.  

we definitely don't have the same nose

After a lovely lunch, we headed over to the museum.  It is so colossal, that it is impossible to see everything in a day.  We ended up spending most of our time in the Egyptian exhibits.  Mom was impressed with how old everything was.

Anyone who knows my mom knows that it is no surprise that her favourite part was seeing the mummified cats.  

There were also loads of mummified people.  I had the same reaction to them that I had when I saw them ten years ago:  it makes me sad.  These people spent so much time and energy to make sure they and their loved ones were buried in a particular way with particular items; now they have been dug up, transported to a foreign country and put on display in front of strangers.  There are so many restrictions on Native American burial grounds and on cemeteries in general, why is it okay to treat these deceased in this way?  I know this takes the fun out of how cool these mummies are, but we would all feel differently if these were our loved ones exhumed and displayed.

Regardless of my feelings about the mummies, they were still fascinating to see.  Mom really liked them too.  We also wandered through a cool clock exhibit and an exhibit of ancient coins.  We stopped to get some tea and visit the gift shop and before we knew it, the museum was closing!  It would probably take weeks to actually view all of their exhibits.  Charlie isn't (yet) a huge fan of museums, but I'd love to go back again sometime soon. 

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  1. Not sure if she's quite old enough yet, but you and Charlie should check out the Science Museum in South Ken! They've got a lot of great hands-on stuff for kids and child-friendly activities.


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