Wednesday, 10 August 2011


We spent the last two nights in the Catskill Mountains in New York where we performed at the Shandalee Music Festival.  We got a standing ovation from a sold-out house.  It was a good night!  

We stayed in what is essentially the summer home of the two men that run the festival.  The house is quite big and is set on a stunning piece of property:

pathway from our accommodations up to the concert hall

Because the concert was advertised with Andrew's name, he got what they called the "Queen Mum's Room" complete with furs on the rug and his own private bathroom:

I don't have any shots of the performance, but here is a shot of our rehearsal in the performance space:

 One of the more interesting things about our stay was exploring all the sculptures they have around the house and the property.  The last one is (by far) the best, but here are a few others as well:

notice the armed guards in the back

there were lots of random life-sized animals throughout the property

imported from Thailand

anyone who knows Johanna needs to ask her about these ducks

no explanation needed

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