Thursday, 4 August 2011

Skyping with my two favourite people in the whole world

Skype is so amazing.  I get to see my husby and sweet Charlie in real time while I'm so very far away.  Charlie seems to recognise the electronic version of me just fine and it isn't upsetting for her to see me (which I worried about a little).

The only heartbreaking part about skyping with Charlie is that she often tries to touch my face on the computer screen.  (She likes to touch our faces in real life, so I'm guessing this is a little confusing for her.)  We spend most of our skpe session with me trying to make Charlie smile.  We often do a joint effort of her favourite nursery rhyme "All Around the Garden" which ends with a tickle on the tummy.  (It is a British nursery rhyme that Jason and I weren't familiar with before coming here.)  I say the rhyme and Jason does the motions and the tickling.  It works pretty well.  

Anyway, here are a few pics of our Skype sessions:



PS:  Pay no attention to the laundry drying behind J and C!  Oh, and bonus points for anyone who knows what website I was browsing before they called on Tuesday (today's is pretty obvious!).  

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