Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Made it to Maine!

This morning, the harpsichordist for our group, John and I hopped the tube to Heathrow where we waded through this mess to check in for our flight:

It was not awesome.  Though we arrived with (what should have been) plenty of time to check-in, get through security and get some breakfast before our flight, we ended up rushing onto the plane at the last minute.  I was hoping to buy a book at the airport, but there wasn't time for that either.  We were able to grab some food to go and were happy to be in our seats before the plane left!

We didn't have seats together, but as John was busy napping/working and I was busy napping/watching Jane Eyre/watching random on demand TV shows and listening to This American Life, we didn't miss the company too much.  We still had a four/five hour drive ahead of us to get from Boston to Maine, so there was plenty of time to socialise then!  John's mom picked us up and, along with his mom's new pug Baxter,  we drove up to Camden where we will spend the next four days here rehearsing before our kickoff concert on Friday.

With proper warning, they helped me get a picture of the Maine state line:

Though I didn't get a picture of the pug I did get a pic of John and me in the van on the drive.

Once we got to John's parents' (amazingly gorgeous) house,  I was able to return some emails and see some of the pictures Jason sent me of their night together.  I am missing them both so very, very much, but I'm happy that they're getting some good time together.  So far, I've only broken down once while looking at pictures of Charlie on my phone.  Luckily the people around me on the plane ignored me and let me cry a bit.

Andrew (viola da gamba) and John A. (theorbo) will be arriving any minute and dinner is on the stove downstairs.  Tonight will be nice and relaxing and then we'll start rehearsing tomorrow.  I'm hoping tomorrow will also bring a Skype session with my husby and Nugget.  I miss them both so much!

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