Monday, 22 August 2011

Ammee's Visit!

Charlotte loved playing with Ammee's jewelry!

Ammee left for the airport this morning.  Though she spent most of the visit sick in bed, it was still nice to have her here.  We have all been sharing a pretty nasty bug that knocked us all out at one point or another during Ammee's visit.  Ammee had a horrible cough on top of the bug and wasn't feeling her best.  Needless to say, much of the sightseeing will have to wait for next time.  We were still able to get a few of the sights in though.  Ammee found a bus tour that would take us to Windsor, Bath and Stonehenge.  It was a perfect way for two sickies to play tourist!  Here are a few pictures from that trip:

Windsor Castle

Seen in a shop window near Windsor Castle (made of jelly beans!)

Ammee at the 2,000 year old Roman baths in Bath

Roman bath turned wishing fountain

Ammee threw a quarter in for good luck

a view of the (15th century) abbey from the hot spring bath

Though everyone was quite sick, Ammee and Charlie were able to get some good time together.  Ammee taught Charlotte to walk (while we hold her hands) and also taught her how to throw things (thanks a lot!).  She is a big fan of both activities.  She also took note of Charlotte's new favourite word, "meh".  She says it all the time now!

And so life returns to normal.  Charlotte is back at nursery school today so I can get some work done, so I guess I should probably do that.  

Bon voyage Ammee!  We'll see you in December!

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