Saturday, 6 August 2011


Well, Andrew won the bet.  Andrew shocked everyone and was up at 7:30 for the canoe ride and John now owes him some Dead Guy beer.  

We ended up heading down to the dock around 8:00.  It was a gorgeous morning!  

Sorry about these pictures.  I was feeling a bit punchy:

We had a lovely ride out on the pond.  We paddled and floated around for about an hour before docking.  We were both too afraid to take our phones out on the water, so unfortunately there are no pictures.  

Once we docked, Andrew decided to go for a swim.  He had his swim trunks on and was all ready to go when he got scrrrd: 

"It's cold!"

"Just give me a minute . . ."

So I decided to dive in without him.  Fully dressed:

It was a perfect way to start the day!  Especially a day that involves a long car ride to New Jersey.  I am sad to say goodbye to Maine, but I thoroughly enjoyed my time here.  I'll have another post about our sailing trip soon.  Yesterday was a beautiful day for it!

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