Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Getting Spoiled in Maine

After a full day of rehearsing, the four of us headed down to the lake on John's parent's property to enjoy our drinks.  It was a gorgeous evening and being by the lake was incredibly peaceful.  

We stayed down there as the sun went down and eventually it started to drizzle; the rain on the lake felt so magical.  It was a such a special moment.  We eventually decided to seek shelter inside and we enjoyed another one of John's mother's meals.  

After dinner always involves some scotch with John's dad.  I only had a thimble full as I don't want to risk overdoing it when I have so much singing to do.  As much as I LOVE scotch, I love not feeling sick and being in good voice more!  

Andrew and me

This morning brought more rehearsing with the guys.  Johanna and Adriane to arrived from New York just in time for a trip into Camden for lunch.  We sat right on the water and most of us had lobster rolls.  Mmmm!  Tonight brings more lobster, this time individual, whole, cooked lobsters.  We are getting so spoiled!  

Our luncheon view

John's dad owns an 86-foot wooden Windjammer (which we'll go out in on Friday) and as we ate, we got to see it come in from a 12:30 tour.  Andrew, John M. and I got to go out on the boat last year.  It was too foggy that day to see much, but it was still a great trip.  The weather has been so beautiful that I'm hopeful we'll get to see more of sights this time around.  

The Appledore

The captain watching his ship dock from shore

I have loved reading all of Jason's blog posts today!  I love seeing what the two of them are up to while I'm gone and I absolutely treasure all of the pictures of my Nugget!

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