Tuesday, 26 July 2011

St Paul's Cathedral

After a long, lazy Saturday morning and afternoon, we decided to head into town to catch evensong at St Paul's Cathedral. They normally charge around £14 to enter, but apparently if you're headed to evensong, you don't have to pay.  Sweet!

Evensong was lovely. The choir sang beautifully and the whole service was peaceful and prayerful.  I would normally have some lovely pictures to show you of the inside of the cathedral at this point, but taking pictures inside the cathedral is not allowed.  Boo hoo.  Instead, we posed for some pictures of the outside of the cathedral:

right foot

left foot

We managed to get a tourist to take a picture of all three of us.  He was one of a large group of foreign tourists all with big, fancy cameras, so we figured he would know how to use our big, fancy camera.  Wrong!  After taking one picture and looking confused, he asked in broken English, "where is autofocus?!".  Once that was resolved, we got a decent picture of Jason and me, but Charlotte was a bit distracted:

All three of us in one photo!  

After hitting Top Shop and running into the actor who plays Gavin on "Gavin and Stacey" (one of our favourite UK sitcoms) we stopped for a couple more pictures in a garden:

Charlie's still toothless grin!
Then we went on a lovely walk to find some dinner.  We passed a good view of the Tower Bridge on the way:

We ended up near Borough Market (where we'll be meeting friends for dinner later this week).  The market itself was closed, but there were a lot of restaurants for us to choose from.  As we walked around, we saw groups of people standing around drinking and eventually realised that they were all vendors from the market having a post-work drink.  It made for a fun and social atmosphere.  I managed to snap a quick shot:

We eventually stopped at a great little place for dinner.  We got a table outside and enjoyed the beautiful evening.   

We were hoping Charlotte might take a snooze so we could have some adult time, but she was having too much fun hanging with her Papi:

While we were waiting for our food Jason recognised a guy who is apparently a lawyer at his old firm in DC.  They never worked together in DC, but they both recognised each other.  They chatted briefly and ended up eating at the same restaurant.  It is a small world after all!

We eventually caught a train that took us back home on the overground railway.  It is the same line that Jason now takes to and from work.  It is quite a bit less crowded than the tube and is a much more pleasant experience in general.  Charlotte managed to stay awake all the way to the station, but conked out shortly after we got on the train.

It was a great day.  :)

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