Friday, 22 July 2011

Baby Led Weaning

I had never heard of baby led weaning until we moved to the UK.  Apparently it is a big thing here (well, at least bigger than it is in the states).  The idea is that you give your child actual food instead of mushed up "baby" food.  It wouldn't have occurred  to me to try this had we not had issues getting Charlotte to eat her solids.  She went from being super excited about eating to crying when we offered her food.  Then one day I just tried her with half a banana and she loved it! 

There are people who swear by baby led weaning and people who think it is irresponsible.  I don't think we'll quit feeding her "baby" food, but we'll probably try more whole foods with her and see how she does.

Here are some pictures I pulled from


salad (not sure how smart this one is)




  1. We did let lady A wean herself. Just after 2 years, she called it quits. It broke my heart as I wasn't ready to let go, but she made the change slowly, easing us both into the world of solid food. :-)
    Excited to see what your little lady chooses.

  2. We didn't use much "baby food" either - but it was handy to have some in the jars while out and about sometime. One thing we did from very early on was fairly regularly spice his food in an interesting way (garlic, curry, various unsalted Penzey's combos) to get him used to a variety of flavors. Sometimes he'd like it, sometimes not, but we were trying to avoid having him only eating very 'bland' foods. Now he likes quite a variety of spices/flavors.

    Your banana picture made me think of this one of TLG:


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