Thursday, 14 July 2011

Darn tootin' cute

My sister gave Charlie this red corduroy jumper when she was far too little to wear it.  We've tried it on her a few times, but it is always been a bit too big on her (it is 6-12 months).  This time it finally fit!  She still has a bit of room to grow into it, but until then it still looks darn cute.  Darn tootin' cute, even.

In other news, Charlie is at nursery school today, so I am about to get down and dirty with my CV.  I have tweaked it enough and am ready to just send it out!  I've also spent quite a bit of time updating my website:  Any critiques you have would be greatly appreciated! 

We also still have our lovely house guests in town.  They have been busy running around and seeing the sights, but we've managed to get some good down time in with them as well.  They've already taken us out to a great meal and tomorrow we're going out again for Matthew's birthday.  It is so nice having them here!


  1. love the dress its beautiful.

  2. Thanks, mrs bellers! I'm glad it finally fits her!


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