Monday, 11 July 2011

Pimms Cups

Last night Jason whipped up a pitcher of Pimms for us to share with our newly arrived house guests.  I had never had Pimms cup before arriving in London three-and-a-half months ago but now I'm hooked.  It is a cross between sangria and a mint julep and is absolutely lovely!  (They look beautiful too!)

The recipe is simple:  one part Pimms to three parts "lemonade" (which is more like Sprite than American style lemonade).  It is not a proper Pimms cup though, unless you add sliced cucumber and fresh mint sprigs.  Jason decided to add the traditional strawberries, and oranges as well. 

It is the perfect way to enjoy a lovely summer day in London!

When Charlotte is old enough it might be fun to concoct a kid's version with Coke instead of Pimms.  We could still use all the traditional garnishes; I bet she'd love it!


  1. Hi! What beautiful pictures! I am a new follower from Alexa Hop! Please stop by to say hi!

  2. I just checked out your blog. Lots of helpful info there!


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