Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Fun at the Park

One of my most favourite things to do with Charlotte is to take her to the park.  She is a big fan of swinging and enjoys hitting the slide (with a lot of help!) as well.  

One of the parks in the common has couple of areas where Charlotte can sit and play with wooden toys that they've built in to the play area.  They have some tic-tac-toe blocks and also have this toy that looks a bit like an abacus:

I love that huge cloth-diapered butt!

She spins the balls and moves them around a little bit.  Nothing too exciting, but she will sit there for quite a while playing with it.  

After a long playtime at the park, Charlotte usually ends up looking a bit like this;

Only a few months ago she was too little to get any enjoyment out of the park, and now hitting the park has become a regular part of our schedule.  It has become a favourite past-time for all three of us.  I'm guessing we'll only be spending more time there as she gets bigger!


  1. Ah that is soooooo cute

  2. Thanks Jollyjillys! It was also sooooo fun! ;)

  3. Haha, that's very adorable. The park is a great place for a kid to play in, don't you think? It can provide enough exercise for them and it's a great place to hang out when the weather is good. Ha ha, well, I hope she enjoyed her playtime there and that she found new friends to play with!


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