Saturday, 9 July 2011

Early Morning Adventures in Grossness

Early morning poopy diaper?  Check.
Second early morning poop on the changing table?  Check.
Spit-up on the changing table?  Check.
Poop on left foot?  Check.
Poop on right foot?  Check.
Third early morning poop (this time in the clean diaper)?  Check.
Cough up phlegm, gag on said phlegm, and vomit all over the (now) filthy changing table and floor?  Check.
Heartwarming, I'm-feeling-so-much-better-now smile?  Check.


  1. Jessie: It was pretty gnarly! Luckily, the recover was quick. :)

  2. I laughed so much from this post, that I may have peed a little, but not on the changing table!

  3. Di: Even as it was happening, I couldn't help but laugh a little!


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