Friday, 1 July 2011

Emily Bemily

Mary and her daughter Emily were the first friends Charlotte and I made here in London.  They also moved from the states (NYC) within in the last year and Mary has been extremely helpful as we learn how to live in this new city.

Emily just turned one, so she is quite a bit older than Charlotte.  While this age difference will be negligible once they are a few years old, it is pretty apparent now.  Emily is walking and eating real food where Charlotte can't even crawl and is just getting used to eating purees.  But they don't seem to care much.  Their differences haven't kept them from playing footsie with each other while we wait for a bus to take us to "Rhyme Time":

Nor have their differences kept them from synchronised sleeping in the rain:

Or from playing with books while their moms have a drink have tea:

Charlotte and I see Mary and Emily at least once a week; Charlotte and Emily are now seeing even more of each other as they are both enrolled at the same nursery for the same two days each week!

Here is a picture Mary took of Emily on her first day at the nursery:

Isn't she a cutie!  Now if only we could convince them to take their flat off the market and not move into their dream house that's an hour away by bus . . . :(

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