Wednesday, 13 July 2011


I have been really bad about finding time to work out, so when my friend Charlotte (nice name!) told me about Buggyfit, I was sold.  Buggyfit is a workout program specifically designed for mums and babies.  Sometimes we worked out while pushing the buggies around and sometimes we park the buggies and workout while the babies snooze or entertain themselves.  Exercises included running, push-ups, sit-ups, jumping-jacks and other similar exercises.  There was a little more waiting around than I would have liked, but it seems to be built in so that you can attend to your baby, should you need to.  Regardless, it is the best workout I've gotten since arriving in London!  If I include the 40 minutes of power walking it took me to get there and back, I got in about a two hour workout!  Not bad!  (If only I hadn't followed the workout up with a chocolate muffin and a mocha . . . ) 

Here is a quick pic I snapped of all the mums parking the babies before starting a new exercise:

Charlotte was good the entire time.  She briefly got a little fussy, but was happy once I flipped the pushchair around so that she was facing another baby.  She's such a social butterfly!

I've signed up for five classes and will reasses if I'd like to continue doing it after that.  Honestly, I am more likely to work out if it also lets me be social.  The thought of going to the gym by myself is just so unappealing to me!  While it isn't the best workout I've ever gotten, at least it gets me sweating a bit.  I also befriended a few other mums which is always nice.


  1. Hi there! I'm your newest follower! Awesome blog! I wonder if we have a Buggyfit around here (Toronto, canada) I'm going to find out, seems soo cool!

  2. Hiya! Thanks for coming by and becoming a follower! :)
    I'd be surprised if Toronto didn't have something similar. I saw similar groups in the states before our move. It is really a clever idea!


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