Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Baby Jason

When Jason and I were in California earlier this year, his mom pulled out some slides from when Jason was a baby.  She happened to have a device that could turn the slides into digital images and she and Jason spent an hour or two converting a number of them.  I think they are the sweetest!

California baby

With his "Ooma"

First birthday party

Riding the carousel with his dad

Love this!

A sweet moment with his mom

Learning to walk

OMG.  Check out that greasy hair!

I'm holding out hope that his mom held onto this so we can put Loveday in it!
My mom and sister have been going through old photos lately and have scanned a few in.  I hope this lights a fire under them to send me some of them!

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  1. This post has taken Milton's Manor to a new, more wonderful level. I don't know this Jason, but clearly he is a man of impressive intelligence and substantial charisma. Can this please be a regular feature?
    Not Jason


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