Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Brixton Market

Until today, I didn't have a great impression of Brixton.  It is crowded, noisy and not the kind of place you want to sit and have a coffee.  It is the kind of place you go to to hit certain stores (Mothercare, H&M, Top Shop) and then get the heck out of!  However, after Gymboree today, one of my mum friends suggested we go for a coffee in Brixton Market.  I had heard that it is a hidden gem within Brixton, but had never bothered to make much of an effort to find it.  It is in Brixton afterall!  Well, did my jaw ever hit the floor when we arrived.  It was spectacular!  It has recently received enough attention that even the New York Times took notice

We had a lovely time at a local restaurant (I can't remember the name!) that served us homemade soups and breads on mismatched, antique china.  A-dorable!

Here are some pictures I took while wandering around after lunch:

Many of the restaurants had blankets set out because the halls of the market aren't heated.  It made for a fun, cozy atmosphere!

I still can't believe I resisted going in here.  If it weren't the day after Halloween and I didn't have already have a canker sore, I would have been all over this place!

I will definitely be going back soon.  Jason will love checking out the interesting fresh produce and all the fresh fish and meat! 

And because the mama can't resist pictures of her adorable little lentil, here is one for the road from bath time this evening:

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