Monday, 14 November 2011

A Busy Saturday!

After a luxurious lie in Saturday morning (for me, at least), Jason, Charlotte and I headed out to explore Blackheath and Greenwich.  We were planning on taking the overground train to get there, but when we arrived, we were greeted with this unwelcoming site:

We decided to hop on the tube instead.  We really, really prefer the overground train and buses to the tube (especially with Charlie!) but at least it is usually a nice quick ride!  Once we got on the tube, however, we decided to head to Oxford Street instead.  We were going to dinner in St John's Wood and realised we wouldn't have much time to tromp around Blackheath and Greenwhich anyway after our late start, so we headed to do some Christmas shopping instead.

This is the craziness we were greeted with when we got off the tube:

It is full blown Christmas on Oxford Street:

We did a little bit of shopping before ducking into the cafeteria at John Lewis for a snack.  After finishing her own food, Charlie insisted on sharing ours as well:

mama's lasagna

papi's scone with clotted cream
mama's coffee (Just kidding.  I didn't actually let her drink it.)  ;)

The store was all decked out for Christmas.  Since they don't celebrate Thanksgiving here and barely celebrate Halloween, they seem to dive into Christmas with full force pretty early around here. 

santa made of legos

I wanted Charlie to have one of these outfits for Christmas morning, but my husband is a spoil sport.  ;)  I have to admit, they are pretty ridiculous (in a totally awesome way). 

Charlie had a great time shopping:

Until she got sleepy:

who do you think set up this photo op?

After braving the crowds, we were ready for a bit of peace and quiet, so we decided to walk for about an hour to get to our friends' house for dinner.  It was a lovely walk!  By the time we got there, Charlie was awake and ready to play!

And it was a good thing, because there were three little girls to play with!

the oldest (sporting a hairstyle of her own creation)

the middle child

the baby

Oh man, was Charlie ever in little girl heaven!  She played and played and played! 

Jason and I had a great time, too.  Jason went to Georgetown Law with the kid's mom and they also worked together for a while at a firm in DC.  They are American and will be living here for a number of years.  We are looking forward to seeing them all again!

(Sunday was also busy, but not nearly as fun so it won't get its own post.  Unless you want pictures of us sitting on a bus for hours . . . nope.  Didn't think so!)

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