Friday, 11 November 2011

Happy Weekend!

We have a busy weekend up ahead.  Tomorrow I have a voice student coming to the house before we head out to Blackheath and Greenwich for the day.  Both Blackheath and Greenwich are potential new neighbourhoods for us.  After tromping around there (and perhaps ducking into the Greenwich Early Music Festival) we are off to dinner at a friend's house.  Sunday I rehearse my women's choir before our noon service and then we rush off to a birthday party for one of Charlotte's friends, Hari.  We leave early from the party to head home so I can run off to a rehearsal for a production of Acis and Galatea I'm singing in.  It is all fun stuff, but makes for a busy weekend! 

And now for something completely different: 

These pictures are from a few weeks ago, but I just had to post them.  This is post bath.  She was in such a happy, giggly mood I decided to take some pictures (and managed to give you a nice shot of our horrific bathroom tiles in the process . . .).  

Happy weekend!

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