Sunday, 20 November 2011

Greenwich and Blackheath

As happy as we've been with Clapham, we're anxious to move to a quieter, more village-like setting.  Dulwich, Greenwich and Blackheath were on the top of our lists based on what we had read and heard about those areas.  (It also doesn't hurt that flat prices are a bit more affordable in those areas . . . )

We've already toured Dulwich, so on Saturday, we hopped on the overground train and headed over to see Greenwich and Blackheath (which are just a short walk away from each other).  Luckily, Charlie LOVES riding the train!

It was a chilly day, so Charlie got all bundled up:

Our first stop was the Greenwich market.  It did not disappoint.  The food was particularly impressive:



Spanish chorizo sandwiches!

dried fruit and nuts
we went with aracini and calzones

Charlie was a fan!

Then we went on a walk down to Blackheath.  We walked through the Greenwich Park until it turned into Blackheath:

We started up in the top left-hand corner of the map at the Greenwich Rail Station and left for home via the Blackheath Rail Station at the bottom of the map.

The walk was gorgeous:

Eventually we arrived at Blackheath where there were quite a few kite-flyers.  It reminded us so much of Hampstead Heath!

The view approaching Blackheath Village is adorable.  The most prominent feature is the large church (that we stood right next to when we went to view the fireworks earlier this month).

The first place we went was an adorable little second-hand book shop.  I really wanted their little red bus collection!

Once we got into the village, we were overwhelmed with cuteness.  It is exactly the kind of place you want to raise kids.  There were loads of families and friendly, happy people.  There were very few chain stores or restaurants and lots of happy, little independent shops.  It was totally our jam.

We went to see the outside of an adorable flat that was in our price range.  It was on a quiet, peaceful street but still only about a five minute walk to the train station.  If only our lease were up now, we'd likely go for it!

We followed this rad old sign to check out their local Catholic church (just a street away from the flat!):

It was adorable:

It is cute, but it could never beat St Mary's (that's for you, Fr Dominic)

A lovely view of the village:

Blackheath stole our hearts.  It would be rough to leave our familiar neighbourhood, the local friends we've made (except for you, Mary, because I WILL convince you to move here!) and it would be difficult for me to keep my current voice students if I moved out of Clapham.  But we are trying to look at the bigger picture.  We would love to raise our little family in this sweet community.  

Only a few more months before we're out of our lease!  Who wants to help us move?!?!

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  1. David says he used to live in Blackheath...said it was a great place. Miss you guys!



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