Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Snoopy Spoon

As I mentioned in this post, Charlie loves her Snoopy spoon.  It is a spoon that Jason's mom gave us (along with other items from Jason's childhood) before Charlie was born.  We didn't think much of it until recently when she started smiling and making happy noises when she saw the image of Snoopy and Woodstock on the top of the spoon.  In fact, she loves it so much that I make an effort to make sure it is clean before every meal so she can smile at it.  If I happen to use a different spoon, she always tries to find Snoopy at the top and seems disappointed when she doesn't find him there.

The funny thing is that this is the only image of Snoopy she has ever seen in her life.  But for whatever reason, she just loves his happy little grin!  As proof, here she is giving Snoopy kisses at the end of breakfast this morning.  (Warning, this might be the cutest thing you've ever seen in your life.)

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