Friday, 18 November 2011

A Salt-bath in the Sink!

Yesterday my friend Mary watched Charlie for me while I had an audition downtown.  When I came to pick her up she mentioned Charlotte's diaper rash.  (It was really bad for a while, mostly went away and is now on its way back.  Blerg.)  Mary mentioned that salt-baths really helped with her daughter when she had a similar rash.  She said she would give her a quick sink-bath after each diaper change (now that's devotion!).  Mary offered to give Charlie a salt bath in her sink (while simultaneously letting me use her American-style dryer.  Such bliss!).  Charlie clearly enjoyed herself!

I don't know that I could commit to doing this after every diaper change, but I will have to reconsider if her rash keeps up.  The doctor has already checked it out once and confirmed that I was treating it correctly (it is a yeast rash, so not treated like a normal diaper rash).  I just think I didn't continue the treatment as long as I should have.  Since I'm reluctant to start another round of treatment until the doc sees her again, so I hope the salt-baths make a difference!

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