Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Cute things Charlie does

-If she sees herself in the mirror, she blows herself kisses.
-Similarly, if she is holding her small, play mirror, she will put her mouth on it and give it a kiss!
-Still on the kissing theme, she will often lean in and give us a kiss.  (And by kiss, I mean that she likes to put her open mouth near our mouths while make a kissing noise.)
-Charlie pulls herself up on anything and everything:  chairs, the side of the bathtub, our legs, anything!
-She loves walking around the house while we hold her hands.  She also loves pushing her little pushcart.  See this post.
-She is starting to mimic sounds.  While reading "Moo, Baa, Lalala" yesterday she repeated "bow wow wow" after I read it.  Jason and I looked at each other with jaws on the floor!  It was a dead-on impression!
-She LOVES reading books and will sometimes bring us books if she wants us to read them.  On her own, she'll flip through them page by page and chat and laugh.
-She is a very chatty baby and chats and coos while she plays.
-She will wave and say "hiya" with a little prompting.  She also loves waving goodbye.
-One of her baby spoons is from when Jason was a baby.  It has Snoopy and Woodstock at the top.  If I show her the top of the spoon, she will smile and laugh.  (We're considering getting her a Snoopy toy if we can find one!)
-When she wakes up from a nap she coos and makes sweet noises until we come and get her.  We get HUGE smiles when we pull her out of the crib!
-She loves when I pat her mouth while she vocalises.  She tries to do it herself without quite as much success . . .

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