Friday, 25 November 2011

Thanksgiving Day

I think Jason's Facebook status basically summed up our first Thanksgiving in the UK:  "Happy Thanksgiving America!  Happy Thursday UK!

In the UK, Thanksgiving is just another Thursday.  No biggie.  We are having our big Thanksgiving party on Saturday, but we wanted to commemorate the actual day as well.  So, Charlotte and I hopped on the tube and went to meet Jason at work:

Thanks to Peanut for the apple dress!!

His office cafeteria was offering a Thanksgiving meal and we thought it would be fun to try it out.

I failed to get their pictures, but a few of Jason's coworkers joined us as well.  We chatted a lot about traditional Thanksgiving food and addressed the common concern, "if you eat turkey on Thanksgiving, what do you eat for Christmas?!".  Everyone here seems very concerned about that issue.

Speaking of turkey, here is what our meal looked like:

Beans?  Really?  BEANS?!

Charlotte wasn't too impressed:

In fact, she was so unimpressed, she refused to eat and decided to nap instead:

the cutest thing ever

The meal was okay.  Not inedible, but certainly not a traditional American Thanksgiving meal.  Hey, at least they tried, right?! 

After we ate, we got eggnog lattes and hung out for a bit in the lobby:

my two favourites

Charlie loved crawling around the big lobby!

She really wanted a sip!

This child will be walking unaided any day now!

We certainly missed hanging out with family and friends, but we are pumped to do it tomorrow!  We'll start out the day making pumpkin pancakes at Mary-Maye's house with her husband and four kids.  Then we'll head back here, put on the game (Jason figured out how to get Thursday's game to play through the TV) and get cooking!  Our guests will start arriving around 1:00.  We can't wait!!

PS:  Follow the link to the pumpkin pancake recipe.  You won't regret it!!!

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