Monday, 31 October 2011

Our Little Lamb

Happy Halloween!

We weren't quite sure what to expect of of our first Halloween in the UK.  From what we could gather, it seemed that Halloween is generally considered to be an American holiday, so we tried not to get our hopes up in terms of the traditional festivities we're used to (decorations, costumes, trick-or-treating, etc.).  We were encouraged when we saw some Halloween decorations showing up around Clapham, but even then, we didn't let ourselves get too excited.

Well, in the midst of our lowered expectations, we failed to purchase Charlie a proper Halloween costume.  But I think we made up for it with the cutest possible alternative.  Here, for your viewing pleasure, is Our Little Lamb:

Yes, that would be Charlie in all white, sitting next to a sickly green pumpkin, with black, patent-leather, hoof-like shoes on and a too big fleecy, lamb jacket.  But, she is so cute, who cares if it isn't an actual, proper Halloween costume?  No one here!  We think she's the cutest thing we've ever seen! 

And we even got some trick-or-treaters!  After hearing that some American friends of ours in Wimbledon (Naina and Josh) got some trick or treaters last night (#youredoingitwrong), we ran out to get candy just in case we got a confused child in a costume showing up at our door.  So, we were SUPER excited when we got a huge group of little ones in a variety of fun costumes.  We also saw a variety of adults and kids in costumes "fancy dress" over the weekend.  Apparently they do celebrate Halloween over here!

So, watch out Next Year, Charlie is going to be decked out in something even more unbelievably cute and maybe she'll even carry one of those big plastic pumpkins to put candy in.

Consider yourselves warned. 

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