Thursday, 6 October 2011

Visitors from Paris!

Charlotte's godmothers--Corinna and Maria--are arriving in London tomorrow to spend the weekend with us, and we couldn't be more excited.  They've been in Paris for most of this week, hence they are  visitors from Paris (of which we have had others, based on this principle).  Well, Seattle by way of Paris, but they are taking the Eurostar to get here, so they are visiting from Paris. 

As we expect they know the sights of London and its history far better than we do, we asked if there's anything in particular they want to do while in town.  Their perfect answer was that they only wanted to spend time with Charlotte (and her parents).  They also expressed an interest in visiting the locales made famous my Milton's Manor, which I expect is likely to include a walk through Clapham and its lovely common, a visit to the local, perhaps the market (not Sainsbury's) and surely some better-known London spots that haven't yet graced these pages.

Most of all, it will be great to reunite Charlotte with her godmothers, and me and Bethie with dear friends.  À demain!

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