Wednesday, 12 October 2011

J'adore ma marraine (et elle me le rend bien)

(The title of the post was taken from a bib that The Twins bought for C in Paris.  My French isn't great, but it translates to something like "I love my godmother (and she thinks well of me)".  Someone please feel free to correct me on that!!)

Charlie's godmoms, Corinna and Maria, left earlier this week to head over to Rome.  We all enjoyed having them around!!  We spent some time around Clapham, toured around some of the more touristy spots and played a lot of board games at home.  It was a fantastic visit!  Here are some pictures from their visit (from a mixture of their camera and ours!). 

ridin' the tube

They were great at keeping Charlie entertained!

the lovely Maria at Hampstead Heath

the lovely Corinna trying to spy Keats's house from the heath

They each fed C a bottle shortly after they arrived.  I think it helped them to bond faster!

Corinna's turn. 

Another great thing about having The Twins around was that they captured some really sweet pictures of Charlotte!

They are completing their adventures in Rome before heading back to Seattle and their work at St James Cathedral.  We miss them already, but are looking forward to seeing them for Charlotte's birthday party in December!

a fake 10 Downing Street photo opp

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  1. Dear Princess Clapham,
    You are without a doubt the most adorable baby that ever was. And you have the most delightful smile in the world. Not to mention FABULOUS parents!!! We miss you already!!! Ta marraine, M


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