Thursday, 6 October 2011

It is getting to be that time again . . .

 . . . that time where I leave my beloved husby and adorable daughter and go off to sing in the states.  This tour is based in south Florida and is with the amazing Serpahic Fire chamber choir.  I will be gone for ten days.

My mom flew out to help when I went on tour in August but this time it will just be Jason and Charlotte.  We have added a few days at the nursery for Charlotte and Jason will be taking a few days off work to spend with her as well.  Being a single parent isn't easy, but Jason is a fabulous and competent parent.   He and Charlotte are extremely close and I love to think of them developing even more of a bond while I'm gone. 

As I've mentioned here before, I know that I am a much better mom to Charlotte when I feel fulfilled as a person.  Singing gives me life (and also helps put food on our table!) and I couldn't imagine giving it up throughout Charlotte's childhood.  I realise that for some of you, the thought of leaving your nine-month-old for any period of time sounds crazy, but it works for us.  Charlotte is a confident, easy-going and social baby and I like to think that some of that comes from not being attached to my hip at all times. 

I know that she will miss me.  I will also be missing her terribly!!  But overall, this is the best thing for our family.  I will again encourage Jason to post as many pictures as he possibly can and I will be blogging pool-side in sunny Florida!  ;)

And because no post here at Milton's Manor is complete without pictures of the babe, here are some pics of Charlotte laying in the grass this last weekend:

pensive baby

Who knew a double chin could be so adorable?!

showing off her new clapping skills

This baby loves clapping!

aaaaand she's off!


  1. Hey, Bethie, let me know if I can help at all while you're gone! I'm sure that Jason can totally handle 10 days, but I'm just around the corner if an extra hand is needed :)

  2. Thanks Betsy! I will make sure Jason has your number handy. Will you be around in December? I'm going away again then too . . .

  3. Yes - we'll be going to Jon's parent's house in the country for Christmas itself but other than that I'll be in Londres. (Lots of Bank Holidays in this country... I like that!)


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