Monday, 10 October 2011

A Hungerford Portrait on Hungerford Bridge

We have spent the last few days tromping around our little city with Charlotte's godmother's.  While downtown, we realised that we were near the Hungerford Bridge and thought we would attempt a family portrait:

The Hungerford Footbridge is a pedestrain bridge right near the London Eye


The bridge was named after the "famously extravagant Sir Edward Hungerford (1632-1711)" who also founded the Hungerford Market (which is now the site of the Charing Cross railway station). 


We realised as we came upon the bridge that we had actually been there before in 2009 but hadn't noticed the name of the bridge!  In fact, we even asked someone to take our picture on it:


Too funny!
Anyway, we will have all sorts of fun pictures to share over the next week or so of The Twin's visit with us in London.  In the meantime, you can check out loads of pics from their visit over on their blog:  They are MUCH better about blogging than we are!  Perhaps it is because they don't ramble on as I seem to do . . . 

On that note, I will simply close with a picture of the most wonderful baby in the world:

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