Saturday, 15 October 2011

Autumn Leaves (or, Charlotte the Philosopher)

With Bethie on her way to Miami, Charlotte and I had a full day together, just the two of us.  We spent the morning at home (after walking across the street to get a pain au chocolat from the Old Post Office Bakery, one of my very favourite places in London) and then went for an afternoon walk to the Common.

The Common was perfect today: sunny and warm - but not too warm - with plenty of fallen leaves.  This is Charlotte's first autumn, and the changing trees seem to make Charlotte wax philosophical.  She considered the leaves carefully, and while the littlest metaphysician did her thing, I took photos.

Employing synthetic a priori knowledge.

Seems real.

Deconstructing a leaf.

Young Platonist making discourse with foliage.

Edo ergo sum.
Charlotte's pensive mood wasn't interrupted even for a photo with her papi.

We had a lovely time at the park, and I enjoyed Charlotte's company very much.  Her, she's still looking for a deeper meaning....


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