Sunday, 16 October 2011

Bienvenido a Miami

I arrived in Miami around 9:30 last night after a brief layover in Detroit.  My flights were uneventful.  Although, I was able to finish an entire novel on my Kindle!  The Twins recommended that I try reading a trilogy called "The Hunger Games" and I flew through the first one!  I'm looking forward to uploading the second one so I can keep going!

Anyway, I arrived at the incredible home of my host family around 10:30.  They are super friendly and welcoming.  They live in an amazing penthouse apartment overlooking the water.  There is original art crammed onto every inch of wall space and on every flat surface.  I can't say it is the homiest place I've ever stayed, but it certainly is impressive!!  I arrived too late last night to appreciate much of the view, but I took a picture of the view from my room this morning:

I just got a tour of the art.  It is really just mind-blowing.  They call their condo "home sweet museum" and it really is like a museum in here!  They are in the process of cataloguing the entire collection (which must be a completely overwhelming task).  There are 5+ bedrooms that are all full of archive boxes and display cases.  I would post pictures, but I don't know if it is allowed (I've been to some homes with incredible art collections where they specifically don't allow pictures so potential thieves won't know exactly what they've got!).  I may ask after I get to know them a bit better.  

I have had spotty internet down here in my room, so I'm going to go sit in their office later to post this and hopefully get a better connection for emailing, etc.  Skyping with Jason and Charlie was a bit rough earlier, so I'm looking forward to trying again later closer to the wifi signal.  I miss them SO much!!

Okay.  I'm off to get a cup of tea and maybe look over some music.  That is, after all, why I'm here!  (The music making not the tea drinking.  ;))

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  1. Awesome view! I hope they let you post some art later. I'm glad you like "Hunger Games." The second one is really interesting, too. I'm working on the 3rd one. It's just OK. Kind of like "Return of the Jedi." CL


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