Sunday, 23 October 2011

What I've been up to

My roomie, Rebecca, and I both went to Peabody Conservatory, have a ton of mutual friends and specialise in singing the same kind of music, but we never met until last week!  Our mutual friends always told me that we would get along famously, and we do!  I'm looking forward to spending more time with her in December and March!


Yesterday I went to visit a friend from DC.  Abby was one of Jason's best friends from law school and now she lives in Miami with her fiancĂ©e and their new baby!  I got to hold the little one the entire time I was there.  It was so sweet and made me miss my Charlie so much!  

Also, I didn't get any pics, but their living room recently got a makeover from David Bromstad on his HGTV show Color Splash.  How cool is that?!  It really looked amazing!

Seraphic Fire is full of such wonderfully amazing people.  We've had a lot of fun hanging out together.  After last night's concert, two of the other sopranos and I ordered banana splits the size of our heads.  It was pretty amazing:

The fourth soprano was at another table (the group was too big to fit around just one table!) and was surprised by her husband who flew in to surprise her on their first wedding anniversary.  How adorable is that?!

I was trying to capture the big moment, but caught her accusing someone of scheming instead!
Then, of course, I've been hanging out at "Home Sweet Museum" and enjoying the use of their pool and workout facilities.

view of the pool from the penthouse veranda

This morning Rebecca and I were going to hit the beach, but as I've already been over sunned, I don't think that is the greatest idea for me at the moment.  Luckily I'll be back in December and March; I plan on taking full advantage of the beaches then.  Instead, I am going to go track down some necessary holiday food items that we can't find in London (canned pumpkin, cranberry sauce, Chex, canned yams, bourbon, etc.).  It is a beautiful day and will be a shame to spend it in doors, but it is my own fault for getting a bit overzealous when the sun finally came out!

I have also skyped quite a few times with my Two Favourites.  I can't wait to get back home to them!!

The trip really flew by and I can't believe it is already time to head back home.  I just checked, and it looks like my return flight tomorrow is nonstop.  Halleluja!

PS:  Here is a review from our first concert:

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