Thursday, 9 June 2011

Visiting Jason at Work

Yesterday Charlotte and I hopped on the tube and went to visit Jason at work. He was very excited to see us:

I packed a camera to take some pictures, but the battery was dead when I pulled it out. Oops! I snapped some iPhone pics instead.

Here is a view from the courtyard just outside his office. You can see the Tower of London on the left and the Tower Bridge on the right (FYI, it is not actually called the London Bridge. The London bridge is a nondescript bridge about a mile or so away from here).

Here is a better shot of the bridge (if you can see it beyond our big heads!):

Another cool part of this courtyard is the little stream that runs through it. (I wonder how many people have walked out of this courtyard with wet feet?)

The lobby is nine stories tall (nine not including the ground floor) and has a wall of glass:

We first went up to the ninth floor to see the view. Guess which building is called "The Gherkin?"

We then went to Jason's office to meet his coworkers; even the partners of the group came to say hello. Everyone was extremely friendly and outgoing. In fact, we're headed to dinner at the home of one of the other associates this weekend. He and his wife have a daughter right around Charlotte's age! I'll be sure to bring the camera (with charged batteries!).

I failed to get a picture of Jason's office, but I did get this pic of my two favorite people down in the lobby before we left:


  1. That courtyard (I think it's called More London) has outdoor festivals sometimes during the summer - I remember seeing an outdoor movie thing in the ampitheatre once! Worth checking out! (Jon used to live just on the other side of Tower Bridge, so I was once very familiar with the area.)

  2. Sounds like fun! It really is a cool little plaza.


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