Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Adventures in Eating

For the most part, Charlotte has enjoyed eating solids. She happily eats bananas, sweet potatoes, carrots and a variety of other mostly sweet, non-offensive foods. As we know from Jason's earlier post, broccoli didn't go over so well and last night, peas were firmly rejected (so I ate them. They were pretty good!).

This morning we tried some banana and she threw a fit that ended in a long nap. Once she was up from her nap I tried some sweet potatoes and she didn't want anything to do with those either. In a last ditch attempt to get her to eat, I handed over the plate. She had fun playing, but ate very little of it.

The fun lasted for a few minutes, but she was still not very pleased:

It wasn't quite a broccoli fit:

But still not good.

Her food strike is probably due to sleepiness/bad timing, and I'll just try again later. I'm sure she'll be back in the saddle in no time. Before we know it she'll be eating yummy meals like the one Jason made for dinner last night:

That husband of mine sure is a keeper. I suppose the baby is too (even if she won't eat her vegetables). ;)


  1. That's my granddaughter - peas are just awful, but broccoli is really not that vile - but peas are!

  2. I love peas! They are one of my favourite veggies. Perhaps it is because I never got to have them as a kid!


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