Monday, 27 June 2011

Sick Baby

Poor Charlotte woke up around 11:00pm last night and vomited more times than we could count.  I called my mom who recommended I try feeding her so she wouldn't get dehydrated but she couldn't keep that down either.  She wasn't running a fever, but I was worried enough that I ended up calling NHS Direct for some (free) advice.  A nurse called me back within a few hours and helped me give Charlotte a thorough checkout over the phone.  She asked lots of very specific questions and had me check everything from her soft spot (normal) to the temperature of her hands (normal).  The nurse said it didn't sounds too serious and to call if anything changed or if she was showing signs of dehydration.

She ended up sleeping until around 3:00am when she woke up wanting to feed.  I was relieved when she kept it down and even more relieved when she wanted to feed again at 6:00am.  By the time she was ready to get up, she was her old self again.  It seems that something must have disagreed with her stomach and she was better once it was all out.  Poor baby!

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