Saturday, 18 June 2011

Come Dine With Me

We have been in our flat over two-and-a-half months and have only just gotten a dining table.  I did most of our dining table shopping on (the London Craigsist) as I wanted something unique and possibly antique. What we ended up with is neither unique nor antique, but it nice and sturdy and fits the space nicely:

However lovely and practical, it certainly doesn't compare to the vintage, claw-foot table I painted for our previous abode:

 Before deciding on the above table, I fell in love with this one that I found on Gumtree.

It is an antique French table.  It is beautiful and sturdy but would have been far too huge in our little space.

Then there was this one that would have looked amazing with a fun coat of paint:

It is a drop-leaf table, so that took care of our space problem, but I just wasn't convinced that it would be a sturdy workspace (our kitchen sorely lacks counter space, so the table needs to be capable of being used for chopping veggies, kneading dough, etc.).  Also, it would be far to big for the space with the leaves up, so it was back to the drawing board.

Thank goodness the table we ended up with is as small as it is because we had to carry it nearly half a mile to get it home!  We do love it though, and it is nice to be able to feed Charlie at a proper table.

Here is a wider shot of the space (please ignore the messy bookcase, we still need to purchase some storage baskets to tidy it up!):

PS: The post title references this popular UK TV show.

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