Wednesday, 15 June 2011

The Bees Knees

A half-hour walk from our house (or a short bus ride away) is an adorable little play area/cafe called The Bees Knees.  It is located in the Battersea Arts Center which is in Lavender Hill.

They describe the space as an "indoor garden" and they've gone all out to make it look and feel like one.  Not only is there a soundtrack of chirping birds, there is also a big "grassy" hill (with a slide on one side):

The other half of the room is made up of seating for parents and kids.  There are menus for both adults and kids and the meals will generally run you under £5.

They have also filled the space with loads of books and toys:

Charlotte and I meet some mums here every Tuesday after "Rhyme Time" at a nearby library.  I think Charlotte will appreciate the space much more once she is mobile, but until then, she still manages to have a good time:

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