Saturday, 25 June 2011

Notting Hill

This morning Jason, Charlotte and I took the tube up to Notting Hill:

Notting Hill is a lovely London neighbourhood that was made (more) famous by the movie of the same name with Julia Roberts and Hugh Grant in 1999.

[Hold on a sec.  Charlotte wants to type something]:

b.v  n  nn -f

We started the morning at a little farmers market.  Jason bought some unpasteurised milk (he's been talking about getting some for years!):

They had all sorts of fuits and veg (as they say here).  The berries were particularly beautiful:



They also had lovely flowers:

And gorgeous herb bouquets:


There were beautiful baked goods as well:

After the farmer's market, we took our first (and last) trip to Portobello Road.  We were looking forward to seeing the famous market and visiting some antique shops.  It is a gorgeous sunny day here in London, so perhaps we should have expected the mass of people who also made their way to Portobello Road this morning.  It was an impressive crowd:

After a few blocks, we headed down a side street instead.  Many of the merchants had lovely displays out that didn't require a helmet and elbow pads to get to:

We then took a leisurely walk over to Kensington.  We stumbled upon the restaurant where we celebrated our fifth wedding anniversary two years ago:

August 7, 2009

Then we headed over for another walk through Hyde Park.  We didn't take many photos because the camera was about to die, but we did get a few with Our Little Loveday:

We took a bus home and picked up some tapas for dinner (to compliment the fresh cheese from the farmer's market!).  All and all, it was a perfect day in London!

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