Saturday, 18 June 2011

Saturday with Charlotte

Bethie was up in Hampstead rehearsing and performing his afternoon, so Charlotte and I went for a walk.

First order of business was to put on a hat.  It was a chilly afternoon in London.

But it was sunny and chilly, and this hat didn't provide much shade.
We walked through Clapham Common, and we found a little band playing at the bandstand, despite the works barricades.
We made sure not to make a messi (?) ...
And thanks to the Keep Britain Tidy campaign, Charlotte was disabused of a dear childhood fantasy.  Surely Santa Claus is the next to fall.  No need to keep that turd under your pillow tonight, dear one!
She didn't seem too upset, so we moved on.

We walked to Northcote Road, which is lovely.  And we turned east down Lavender Hill, which is also lovely.  This building's sign reads, "Temperance Billiards Hall, 17 Tables."  Now it's a bar.  Come for the brew, stay for the irony!
Here's Hell Pizza.
 And this.

On the way back through the Common, we saw a donkey.
Ah, the church on the Common was having a festival!

And there was more music!
We went home and played for a bit.

All this made Charlotte hungry, so I fed her.  It was an less-than-agreeable first encounter with broccoli.

Now please, someone, honey mustard!
And Charlotte called it a day.

Good night!

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