Thursday, 16 June 2011


My friend Andrew is in town for his apprenticeship with the Orchestra of the Age of Enlightenment.  He was also visiting Oxford where he will be studying this fall.  He came over earlier this week to visit with Jason and Charlotte and me. 

I'll be going out on Friday with Andrew and our friend John.  John (who is also American) is currently studying at Cambridge.  The three of us (plus three more) will be performing in Maine, New Jersey, New York, and Maryland this August.  Andrew and John have been performing together for the last four years and this will be my third year with the group.  We always have a great time:

An audience member sent these pictures to me after a performance last year.  John plays harpsichord and Andrew is on viola da gamba:

I was grateful to find a dress last summer that almost hid my growing baby bump:

It was especially nice to see Andrew as I've recently been feeling a bit homesick for my friends back home.  I'm really looking forward to hanging out with John and him on Friday!

While Andrew was here, I pulled up a picture of when he came to visit a week or two after Charlotte was born.  I can't believe she was ever that small!

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