Wednesday, 30 May 2012

My Mom's Mother's Day Surprise

Charlie and I arrived in Seattle/Mount Vernon just a few days after Mother's Day.  My sister and I did a lot of scheming and planning behind her back so that our visit would be a complete surprise.  Amazingly, neither one of us slipped up and mentioned our visit and mom was (as you can tell by her scream) completely surprised!

We decided that Annie would invite her out to a slightly belated Mother's Day lunch at one of her favourite restaurants, The Olive Garden.  Annie and I arrived early and picked out a booth that could accommodate an extra chair and high chair after the surprise.  The staff was extremely accommodating and eager to help.  They set Charlie and me up in a banquet room that was hidden from the rest of the restaurant.  They brought Charlie juice and grapes and colouring books to keep her quiet and busy while we waited for mom and dad to show up.  I was surprised how nervous/excited I was for the big moment!

Charlie was clearly oblivious to what was going on!

Once they arrived, Annie gave mom a card and to open.  Inside was a drawing Charlie made along with "surprise!" written over it.  We gave mom just a few seconds of confusion before Charlie and I came to their table.  Kate was kind enough to catch the surprise on my iPhone!

When I called my mom on Mother's Day, I told her that I sent a gift and that it was scheduled to arrive on Tuesday.  In the video, right after she saw us, she immediately starting saying that she dreamt that I was her gift!  How crazy is that?!

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