Friday, 1 June 2012

M & M

Jason's mom and step-dad (Marian and Marshall) are visiting from Singapore!  Well, they live in California, but they arrived from Singapore after a thirty something day cruise with Royal Caribbean.  (Ah, to be retired . . . sounds magnificent!)  We convinced them to ditch their hotel reservations and to just stay with us and we're all glad they did.  Between their schedule and ours, we may not have seen much of each other otherwise!  They have spent the last few days touring around London and head to a hotel near Heathrow tomorrow in preparation for an early morning flight back to California.  We're so happy to have them here!

(I got some great shots of them with our proper camera, but in an attempt to make things a bit easier on myself at the moment, I'll just share my iPhone ones for now.  And yes, I know I have helmet-head.  A haircut is on the books!)

PS:  You can read all about their adventures on their blog!  Click here.

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