Monday, 25 June 2012

Grandma Peterka's Art

My Grandma Peterka was known for her artistic abilities.  She was a regular painter of greeting cards and also made and painted ceramics.  When she passed away a few years ago, I asked my aunt if she had left any paintings behind, but she wasn't sure.  I was thrilled when she showed up to see me this morning with a great big stack of them!  Here are a few of my favourites:

The bottom one is the largest of the bunch and (obviously) not at all like the others.  It will probably be the first one I frame, however, because I LOVE it!  Strangely, it is also the only one of the bunch that she didn't sign, so I don't know which way she intended it to be oriented . . . anyone have any thoughts?

Speaking of Grandma's name, I was recently telling a friend that my Grandmother's family was German (she was actually born in Germany!) but I was confused as to why her last name, Adams, didn't sound German.  I asked my Uncle Dale and he said it was actually "Adam" but changed to "Adams" when they arrived in America.  I am curious to know if her full name, "Amalia Myrtle Adams," was perhaps originally "Amalie Mirta Adam" (the German versions of her name).  More questions for Uncle Dale!

CORRECTION:  It was my GREAT grandma who was born in Germany, not my grandma!  


  1. Beautiful! The Peterkas are so full of talent.

    What if you turned out to be related to Joseph??!!??

    1. Does Joseph have family North Dakota? Wouldn't that be wild! Haha!

    2. It's not THAT far from Iowa... I will ask him.


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