Monday, 11 June 2012

Headed back to Florida (and Ohio and Indiana . . . )

This week I'm headed back to Florida to work at Seraphic Fire's Professional Choral Institute (PCI).  We'll be singing and performing with the students of PCI and will put on a few concerts at the end of their program.  I'll be singing lots of Bach whilst enjoying some Florida sunshine.  I can't wait!

I fly straight from Tampa to Cincinnati (well, if you don't include a layover in Virginia!  Ugh!) where I'll be rehearsing with Gut Wind and Wire (a subset of this group) and the Catacaustic Consort  at the Indianapolis Early Music Festival.  We'll be performing some bawdy Scottish songs along with some gorgeous Italian sacred music.  Should be a good time!

We'll be rehearsing in Cincinnati and will have a performance there before our two performances in Indianapolis.  My family used to visit my grandparents in Cincinnati nearly every summer, so I have fond memories of the city.  Sadly, my grandparents are now deceased, but my uncle still lives there ("Uncle Father Dale" as we often call him) and I may also get to see my Aunt Mary Lou and cousin Kathy who might come over from Michigan.  I haven't seen that side of the family in ages, so it will be nice to have the opportunity to spend time with them all!  I also hope to visit the graves of my Grandma and Grandpa Peterka while I'm in town.

Now, of course the difficult part of traveling for work is leaving my sweet little family in London.  Charlie is still too young to understand that I'm leaving, so things continue on as usual.  We've been hitting the park, visiting with friends and even made some play dough (which she LOVES).  Since pictures of me going over music and packing would be a bit boring, here are some pics of our recent goings on:

Feeding the birds at South Norwood Lake:

Homemade play dough:

Charlie and I recently visited my friend Mary-Maye where I got a sewing lesson and she got a voice lesson.  While we were there, I snapped this pic of her new collection of fruit and veg that she painted (I adore them all, but the one of the pears on the far right middle is my favourite):

We've also been eating a lot of Jason's delicious home cooking these days.  I took a few iPhone pics of our meals this last weekend.  They were beautiful, super yummy and pretty healthy (aside from the HUGE ball of fresh mozzarella!):

As always, I'll be posting from abroad while Jason tries to find time to post from home.  


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