Wednesday, 16 May 2012


We've been a bit MIA because while Jason gets ready for a trip to China, Charlotte and I were flying to Washigton state to surprise my mom for (a slightly belated) Mother's Day! We'll also spend some time in Seattle while we're here. The trip over was rough at times, but really not bad overall. This amazing little toddler strap allowed Charlie to sit in her own seat on the first flight! It was fantastic! (Thanks, Mary!!)

The second leg of the journey was rough, but we had lots of super nice people sitting around us. In fact, someone approached me after we got off the plane to say that the wonderful woman who played with Charlie and helped calm her down was the "Super Librarian" Nancy Pearl from NPR!

Since I forgot my laptop, posting won't be as easy (I'm posting from my phone at the moment!) but I'll probably get a few more posts up before we get back home. 


  1. We love the CARES harness! We travel with it often between the US and the UK :)

  2. It was a life saver (when I had an extra seat that is!).


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