Sunday, 20 May 2012

In Seattle with Perrin and "Auntie" Katie

Charlie and I arrived in Seattle yesterday to spend some quality time with "Auntie" Katie and my goddaughter, Perrin.  First on our list of things to do was hit Whole Foods where the girls got to ride in a pink car/grocery cart.  They LOVED it!

Today we went to Vashon Island where Perrin's school has a farm.  We got to ride a ferry to get there:

They were having a big shindig to celebrate the end of the year.  We ate loads of food, did lots of running around and even got a cake from the cake walk!  (Perrin chose the cake that we brought.  Shh, don't tell!)

Tomorrow is another big day!  One of Perrin's friends is having a birthday party in the afternoon and then Charlie and I will head to St. James to hear the Women's Schola sing Mass.  We'll also get to visit with friends while we're there. 

We have gotten to FaceTime (like Skype, but through our iPhones) with Jason who is living it up in China.  He has eaten snake and other interesting delicacies and is spending today (Sunday) visiting some famous attractions around Beijing before the big work week ahead.  We sure do miss him!!

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